E komo Mai!

Welcome to Aloha Pathways International !

Aloha Pathways International is dedicated to forging new paths, new roads and possibilities for each individual and our planet earth. This enables living a life of ALOHA with oneself , the people around you and your environment.

We know that the transition into a life of Aloha is quite a journey. A journey that embraces each individual and supports us for who we are. In living Aloha we remember the life of the ancient ones: a life based on respect; honor; love; kindness; strength; abundance and peace once again - ALOHA LOKAHI (love and unity)

There are many different possibilities to bring forth such support for each individual. We are here to share ours with you.


Here is an overview of some of our services we are offering :

* Sessions : Lomi Lomi massage, other massage treatments and Energy Healing

* Workshops: Classes, Seminars in various modalities ( LomiLomi, Aloha Temple Body Work, Finding more balance, Ka Lele ( Flying ), Voice )

* Peace ministry: Spiritual Consultations, Sacred Ceremonies incl. Weddings and Prayer Circles of Peace