About Lavenda Schaff

Lavenda Schaff
Director, Aloha Pathways International

As an instructor and practitioner of Lomi Lomi Massage as well as the Ceremonial Style of Lomi Lomi. Aloha Temple Body Work ( also known as Hawaiian Temple Body Work or Lomi Ke Ala I Na Hoku ) and Reiki, Lavenda Schaff facilitates self empowerment with her students and clients. Especially during transitional times, she utilizes the wealth of knowledge of integrative therapies attained over the past 30 years.

Lavenda fell in love with Hawai’i in 1990 on her first visit to the Hawaiian Islands. She has been studying Lomi Lomi and the Hawaiian culture since then. Born, raised and educated in Germany, Lavenda has over 20 years of experience as a Speech Therapist, specializing in the treatment of breath and voice disorders. She was the co-founder of a women' music organization in 1985, still existing, which produces music workshops, concerts, a magazine for women musicians, and a rehearsal center for female bands in Hamburg. She was the conductor of a women's choir for 5 years and also lead workshops in voice improvisation and vocal expression for self-healing.

Lavenda has been a Lomi Practitioner since 1991, a Reiki
Master Teacher since 1996, and has been teaching Lomi Lomi and it's ceremonial style of Aloha ( or Hawaiian ) Temple Body Work (Lomi Ke Ala I Na Hoku) on Maui, throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe since 1996.

This beautiful style of Lomi Lomi transformed Lavenda’s life many years ago. She felt it allowed her heart and spirit to release the past and to open more deeply to the profound teachings of the Ancient Ones (Kanaka Anela).Moving to Maui (her beloved home) in 1993 helped her further her studies of the ancient Hawaiian culture and its empowering rites of passage.

Lavenda’s own personal healing experience, along with her extensive knowledge of the breath, voice, and body make her a very powerful, compassionate and inspirational practitioner, teacher and group leader.

Lavenda Schaff recently also finished a 2 1/2 year long seminary program with James Twyman and the Beloved Community as a minister of peace and is a licensed minister in the State of Hawai'i. The studies of the Hawaiian Ho'opono Pono with Auntie Mahealani Henry- Kuamo'o honoring the times of the Ancient Ones as Aloha Lokahi ( peace) are as well bringing forth powerful means for Lavenda Schaff to show pathways for our current life, to reconnect with the spirit of Aloha and to remember peace, balance and wholeness within

“A beautiful lightening experience” ~ Scott Hoyt

“Mahalo for reminding me of who I am” ~ Marisya Brzwiski

“You cradled me in God’s hands all the way to heaven” ~ Barbara Smith

“It has been an honor to learn and grow with you. The Hawaiian culture and my Hawaiian sisters will always be in my heart” ~ Hawaiian Temple Body Work student, Mary Foryram

“Mahalo for your love and Malama. It was very comforting. I will take your teachings with me always.” ~ Massage school Lomi student, Andrea W.

“The Lomi class was nothing I expected, but everything I needed.” ~ Massage school Lomi student, Susan L.