All classes and workshops are brought to you by Aloha Pathways International.
They are available in the following formats:
introductory classes, days , workshops and intensives

* introductory class ( 3-4 hourd)
*workshop ( 1-3 days )-students come and go each day
*Intensives ( 3- 10 ) - students learn , play, share & live together at the location of intensive
* individual classes and trainig programs
* year long training programs

We are happy and proud to share profound teachings with you from all around the world. We primarily focus on the Hawaiian Islands and the Hawaiian styles of healing through our classes in Aloha Temple Body Work, Lomi Lomi and Hawaiian Inspirationj.
We introduce some fundamental philosophies of the Ancient Ones ( Kanaka Anela), using the sacred art of Flying ( Ka Lele ), breath awareness, chanting ( mele Kahea), and the ancient art of Ho'opono Pono.
But we are also offering teachings like Reiki, Aromatic Care or Peace Prayer Circles.

Have fun in choosing the right class for you.
Please, contact us, if you need more informations !

* ALOHA Temple Body Work Intensives

For anyone who’d like to embark on a journey toward wholeness and balance with oneself!

Aloha Temple Body Work is a ceremonial style of Lomi Lomi It has its roots in the teachings of Hawaiian Temple Body Work through Kahu Abraham of Ka'aui.
Kumu Harriette Sakuma of Paia, Maui, one of Kahu Abraham's long term students, was the main teacher ( Hawaiian Temple Body Work ) of Lavenda Schaff.
The emphasis in Lavenda's teachings of this ceremonial style of Lomi Lomi is on the aspects of Aloha ( Love) or ALO-HA, the connection with the Divine Source and our breath of life /spirit
(= Aloha Temple Body Work )

This so powerful transformational type of body work is reconnecting to the ancient teachings of oneness ( Aloha Lokahi ) and limitlessness of oneself. It incorporates the use of conscious breathing, sacred sound and movement in order to help you re-embrace your wholeness and oneness with everything.

Traditionally this style of a rite of passage might have been reserved only for Hawaiian Royalty, but now it is available for anyone who wants to reclaim their wholeness and bring forth great change in their life. Aloha Temple Body Work is also a marvelous way to embody the beauty, grace and the profound teachings of the Hawaiian Islands.

Aloha Temple Body Work Intensives are Residential Retreats, 5 – 7 days, or up to 10 days in length. In learning, eating, drinking, massaging and sleeping all together in one house we are creating a sacred temple.

Each class or workshop intensive can be taken by itself. Normally it takes at least 2 - 3 years or more of training and practice to become a Lomi Lomi Practitioner of this style and to fully understand the depth of this beautiful work.
Once you take the step , though, you say “yes” to remembering more of who you are in the fullness of your being. This can begin a lifelong journey into more of the beautiful Being you are.

Introductory workshops in Ceremonial Lomi Lomi/Aloha Temple Body Work of 1-day, 2-days or 3-hour presentations are available.


*Lomi Lomi Classes*Teachings for Massage Therapists, Massage Students and other Interested People

This style of Lomi Lomi, taught by Lavenda Schaff, Lomi Lomi Aloha Pono, is a very nurturing Hawaiian style massage. The use of forearm and hand strokes in embracing rhythmic patterns reflects the ever-changing flow of nature. Performed from a place of love( Aloha) and balance ( Pono), this style of Lomi Lomi can be a relaxation massage or be done as a treatment, oriented in deep tissue massage, always increasing the inner balance, relaxation and calmness

Benefits of Learning Lomi Lomi Massage

1. For Your Client:

• Experience of a different style of massage
• A taste of Hawai’i
• A unique feeling of being nurtured and rejuvenated
• A possible new and different sense of body awareness and connectedness

2. For You as a Practitioner:

• A practical experience of an aspect of Hawaiian culture
• Use of mainly forearm strokes adds a highly valuable asset to your massage practice, expanding your “treasure chest” of massage tools
• Increase in knowledge and experience of your innate nurturing touch
• Help with eliminating stressful overuse of hands and fingers
• An increase in connectedness to yourself
• Movement in Lomi Lomi will help the flow of your massage work in general

3. For Your Practice / Spa:

• Expands the variety of your treatments
• Attract more clients
• Massage therapists and clients are happier

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lomi Lomi Workshops Presently Offered are:

• Introduction to Lomi Lomi

Introduction to Hawaiian philosophy and ideology, Hawaiian
cultural background and the basic strokes of this Hawaiian style of massage.

• Lomi Lomi – Level 1

Basic massage routine; how to perform a one-hour Lomi Lomi
relaxation massage in an embracing, nurturing manner , back routine with brief finishing strokes for front ( 45- 60 min session ), using hands and some forearm

• Lomi Lomi – Level 2

Deepening the variety of strokes for the back , adding specific strokes for certain area of the body, learning the major strokes for the front of the body, including neck , head and belly, using hands and forearms (60-80 min .session )
  • Lomi Lomi - Level 3
Treatment-oriented teachings of Lomi Lomi; to more intently reach for deeper tissues, allowing muscles, bones, body and spirit to come into a more relaxed and balanced state of being. using hands, forearms and fingers

These Lomi Lomi workshops can be taught in a regular classroom setting ... in your Spa, massage school or other available space with appropriate size, or they can be offered at a retreat center.



Hawaiian Treasures for your Inner Balance - Workshop

Introduction to some fundamental philosophies of the Ancient Ones (Kanaka Anela) using the sacred movement of Ka Lele (Flying), breath awareness and chanting (Mele Kahea) and the ancient art of Ho’opono Pono, . These tools reflect the innate grace and beauty of the Hawaiian Culture and will support participants to reconnect with their inner heartfelt balance and the soft whispering of the Hawaiian Islands.


Flying (Ka Lele) Workshop

“Flying” or Ka Lele is a sacred movement sequence from the tradition of the Ancient Ones. In its simplicity, it brings into alignment ~ your body (Kino), ~your breath (Ha) and ~your Spirit (‘Uhane). It is creating inner balance (Pono) and a deeper connection with your heart (Aloha). This sacred step, Ka Lele, is a very powerful tool to set intentions and to energize prayers and visions for humanity and the world as well for ourselves.


Finding Your Voice through Hawaiian Inspirations

Breath Exercises, Toning, movement are supporting the voice to become more fluid. Songs from Hawaii and other cultures are opening up our heart and allow more radiance and beaytiful "colors" to come forth. This enables the listening within as well, strengthening the inner knowingness and authentic truth.


All three Workshops above are also available as 3 hour introductories or 2-4 day long workshops.

See calendar of events or call/e-mail for more information.