Lomi Lomi and other Healing Sessions

Embracing Touch
Through different expressions of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
Empowering, Transforming and Rejuvenating

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Specialized Treatments for your physical, emotional and spiritual support.
In these fast times of change we invite you to:

* release cellular memory of old traumas, fear and blockages;

* embrace new self- healing processes;

* enrich your sense of well-being; and

* increase the loving connection with your inner Self and the Universe.

Lomi Lomi
This is a nurturing Hawaiian style massage using hand and forearm strokes in an embracing rhythmical pattern. The graceful and interconnected movement of the practitioner is a reflection of the ever changing flow of nature. Treatment pressure could be light and soothing or stronger reaching deeper tissues to allow muscles, body and spirit to come into a more relaxed state of being.

Aloha Temple Body Work
(also known as Hawaiian Temple Body Work or Lomi Ke Ala I Na Hoku = pathway to the stars)
This is an ancient ceremonial style of Lomi Lomi, incorporating the use of conscious breathing, sacred sound and ancient movement “Ka Lele” to help you re-embrace your wholeness and the oneness with everything.

It also brings forth gentle transformation in times of great changes in one’s life.

It is a marvelous way to embody the beauty, grace and the profound teachings of the Hawaiian Islands.

Mele Aloha
This soothing, deeply relaxing treatment is a combination of Lomi Lomi, Reflexology and Aromatic Care. Wave-like strokes in combination with hot towels and scented Kukui/Coconut Oil support the body to release stress, jetlag and tension. Mele Aloha rebuilds the connection to peaceful groundedness and invites you to slow down and breathe.

Lomi Pa'akai
This unique style of Lomi Lomi uses coral rock and traditional Hawaiian salt as an exfoliating scrub and a rejuvenating, energizing massage.

Other Healing sessions

Aloha Pathways International, with Lavenda Schaff (and Associates), is also offering various modalities of Energy Healing:

* Raindroptechnique,
* REIKI-Sound-Healing,
* Cellular Regeneration or Intuitive Transformational tools
* Ancient Hawaiian Energy Healing

Each Energy Healing session is created and designed to the specific needs of the client.

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Remember who you are in the fullness of your being.